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Product care

Ready to wear

Our garments  have been exclusively created with top-quality materials from Italy we have prepared them with extensive innovative techniques. To ensure its longevity, we advise to store your pieces in a cotton garment cover (never in plastic) and in a dry and cool space. 

For Woven fabric and Jacquards, the fabric used has been traditionally made with Dyed yarns-threads, These garments we recommend wash delicate ( Inside out ) especially if zipper or snaps detail, normal washing is okay in machine and Light dryer light heat to dry remove promptly. this will ensure longevity of your garment. 

Down Jackets, Goose-Down Vest, Are made using 100% Recycled goose down and flower down from a special company in Milano, Italy, we recommend Dry Cleaning all your Down jackets for longevity and keep fresh the garment.

Jackets- Made of recycled NYLON 100% PA you may wash in Cold water, place in low heat on delicate cycle in the dryer and remove promptly for long wearability and beauty of the garment.

Tops made from Italian Jersey is a 4 way stretch you can wash them in cool, warm if delicate wash and the place in cool dryer, low heat is okay, remove promptly.

Dresses made in 100% Italian Cotton, we recommend dry-clean for longevity and keep shape and color. You may wash in cold water Dry in low delicate heat, remove promptly and Iron or steam. We recommend if there is a gold ring on the products, ask your dry cleaner how best to steam clean.


Our Swimwear garments are carefully made by skilled Italian Artisans, the material is recycled lycra, 80% PA 20% Ea. we recommend hand washing in cold water with mild soap and hanging to dry for the longevity and beauty of your garments. Cover-up skirts made of Italian Lycra without any Embellishment - jewelry can be washed in cold water on a very short delicate cycle. Remove promptly and hang to dry.

For all cover-ups in Net, Lycra, or swimwear material we recommend hand washing in cold water and hanging it to dry. You may steam your garment carefully if needed.

Silk Accessories, Cover-ups and Scarves

Our silk sarongs, scarves, foulards, and dresses, are made very carefully by Italian artisans in Italy. The silk twill is made from 100% silk yarns. We recommend dry cleaning all silk garments and accessories.