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About Brendratti

Brendratti is a luxury fashion apparel brand, offering distinctive, beautifully crafted collections ranging from chic beach and resortwear, golf apparel, Ready-to-Wear and Athleisure.

The Brendratti collections are exclusively 100% “Made in Italy” with the finest artisanal Italian craftsmanship. Brendratti is an expression of a luxury lifestyle inspired by Venetian culture and style.

the five brendratti pillars

These five pillars are the foundation of the company and the brand.

  • Made in Italy
  • Design & Creativity
  • Italian craftsmanship
  • Exclusivity
  • Sustainability

“Made-in-Italy” is one of the core values of the Brendratti strategy and emphasizes the quality, the culture, and the brand identity. Made-in-Italy is the cornerstone of Italian Luxury and the Italian lifestyle. In essence Made-in-Italy is a brand itself.

Customers of Brendratti strive for excellence in a Made-in-Italy quality product. This is met with chic elegance and creativity.

Design & Creativity
Design and Creativity is the heart and soul of the Brendratti brand and its products. Co-Founder and Creative Director Christina Brenner works in search for new developments and innovative style, combining the fabrications to offer our sophisticated customers with a refined taste for the modern-chic style.

Christina Brenner’s deep sense of fashion has the special ability and experience to combine ingenuity, emotions, boundless curiosity, imagination, and her strong passion for environmental sustainability has developed the creative formula for the design culture that everyone who works in the creative process lives by.

Italian craftsmanship
The manufacturing and production of the Brendratti collections is exclusively made by are joint venture partners in Italy and is entrusted to highly specialized artisans with over 60 years of experience in manufacturing fashion apparel. The company’s production partners produce for some of the finest designer brands in the world.

The Production Process

The Brendratti manufacturing process is based on several key elements, superb quality, attention to details, innovation, state of the art machinery and a continuous mission for artisanship, which is a vital asset for production and the brands DNA.

The Brendratti collections is a combination of luxury-chic and ultra-contemporary styles, the collections are designed for multi destinations around the world from world class luxury resorts, private tropical beaches, shopping on the streets of some of your favorite travel destinations to your private yacht. “La Dolce Vita” living the sweet life.